About Free Online Aircraft Booking System

As a member of a flying club I was disappointed to discover they were considering increasing their aircraft rental prices in order to subscribe to an online aircraft booking system.

So, my team and I set about developing an alternative (from the ground up so to speak!) culminating in www.airchunk.com.

Our main goal was that the service should be free for pilots, clubs, syndicates and schools to use. The basic running and development costs will be supported by my IT Support and Web Design Company.

Our system went live on 7 March 2012.

We are continually developing the site and quickly responding to forum requests for features to the service too – taking on board the users’ views, thoughts and ideas.

Please feel free to visit the site and have a look around. Click on the ‘demo login’ button which will log you in to the site as a club administrator.

Many thanks,

Abe and the Airchunk Team.

The Airchunk Team

This site would not have been possible with the support everyone who helps maintain and contribute to Airchunk.

In particular, a special thank you to: