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We’d like to keep free for the General Aviation community. But, as you know, it costs money to maintain a website as good as this. While the owners sponsor the development and hardware costs we still need on-going support for hosting costs.

So that’s where you come in. Because is free to use we now have 248 clubs, 459 aircraft and 3233 registered users! We have a specific targeted audience that are in constant need of your products and services.

By supporting through advertising on this site you will be helping hundreds of flying clubs, schools and other organisations around the world to keep more people flying.

But what’s in it for you?
Customers, and lots of them!

So, whatever your industry, please consider advertising with us.

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*Shared advertising subject to availability. Shared adverts are rotated randomly with no preference.

Advertising Blocks are available by country, continent and worldwide. Substantial discounts are available for advertisers committing to long term campaigns.

To discover more about how delivers serious targeted advertisers, contact Abe on 01494 372 707.